Are you working on your New Year’s resolutions? 👀

So you have your New Year’s Resolution set. You’re ready to bring in 2019 with good vibes and blessings. But who’s to say that this year won’t end up like last year?

If you’re anything like me…and the rest of America; last year, you set a New Year’s resolution towards the end of December. By the end of January, you forgot about it. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Why does this happen every year? 🤔

SusanWeinschenk Ph.D., looks at the science behind why these New Year’s Resolutions fail. She claims we focus entirely too much on the big changes in our lives.

Instead, we should focus on forming new, smaller habits that will lead to sustainable success.🌟

She gives 3 easy steps to create new, successful habits:

  1. Pick a small beneficial action.
  2. Attach this action to a previous habit. The existing habit will now become the cue for the new action.
  3. Make the new action easy to do for at least the 1st week. To make the new habit stick, practice it 3 – 7 times.

This seemed simple enough, so I wanted to try it out for myself.

I’ve always wanted to start a blog inspiring people to keep following their dreams, and to never settle for less than their heart’s desire. So, what better time than now to start, especially with the New Year literally hours away!

Using Susan’s method, I picked a small action: writing for an hour every morning.

However, I often sat in front of my laptop for 10 – 15 minutes with a blank mind and page. I put so much pressure on myself to write what I thought people wanted to read, that I disregarded my own creativity. I doubted that anyone would be able to relate to my truth – this created a huge writer’s block. The longer it lasted, the less motivated I was to even start again.

“Doubt is that nagging voice in your head that will resist personal growth.”

Life Hack

I reached a pivotal point when I realized that the writer’s block was due to a lack of confidence in myself. I didn’t think anyone would want to hear anything I had to say.

But thankfully, during that creative block, a good friend told me to just let my reality dictate my pen, and my audience will follow. Don’t stress about the people that can’t relate, it’s not for them anyways.

“Life is all about trial and error.”

Ms. Perfect

I tried the morning writing routine again, but this time I set a vibe. I played some smooth, jazzy background music to relax; I shortened the amount of writing time to just 20 minutes, something easier to get me started; and I just wrote what came to mind. No pressure. Just good vibes.

This brought me back to what I enjoyed most about writing – the creativity. ❤

📍The moral of the story…

When creating your New Year’s Resolutions, start small and keep that same energy. These habits you develop will be the foundations of your success. 💋

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