9 Things Stopping You From Succeeding

Success isn’t easy; it’s a war against failure, and can drive you crazy. You may win or lose a battle here and there, even lose sight of the overall path, but it’s up to you to bounce back to that victory track. 💪🏽

Some people are obviously better at it than others, but why? Because successful people recognize these obstacles and overcome them:

1. Procrastination

I tell myself, ‘tomorrow’s not promised, so stop living like it is. If you’re committed to mastering your craft, nothing should stop you from putting in the time necessary to succeed now.” Yet, even to this day, I still find a reason to “finish it later.”

This year, I’m moving differently. Time management and commitment are the words of every day.

“Some of the best [NFL] players have been seen going to the gym first and leaving last.” Be an Aaron Rodgers, not a Cody Parkey.


2. Lack of Belief

“Belief is understanding that your goals have already been achieved and it’s just a matter of time before you [get there].”


If you doubt yourself, even in the slightest, you’re setting yourself up for failure. The Law of Attraction is more of a reality than you think.

3. Fear Of Failing

Will Smith said it best. “Failure is where many success stories start, don’t make it where your story ends.”

4. Willingness to Settle

Write down your goals, select a deadline, then post it somewhere you can view it frequently. It’ll keep you in grind mode.

Sometimes we get complacent when we show signs of progress, which slows our growth. By keeping a clear goal in front of you at all times, you won’t settle for “close enough.”

5. Lack of Persistence

I’m not head-over-heels, completely in love with my job (I’m in love with the checks, tho!😆💰), but it has definitely emphasized the importance of being persistent.

I’m in sales, so persistence leads to big coins. When it’s “all about the Benjamins,” you learn that giving up is NOT an option.

Now apply this to life. Giving up is NOT an option.

Minimal effort required: 110%

“Pursue until the death of you.”


6. Bad Friends


This should be a given. However, it’s taken me over half of 2018 to realize that not all people that come in and out of my life are supposed to be here.

If I went into detail about the types of “friends” I’ve acquainted myself with over the years, you’d question MY character (Birds of a feather flock together, right?). 🤔

My biggest strength and weakness: I don’t judge people enough. I always think, well I’m not perfect, everyone has their flaws, right? Even Jesus hung out with prostitutes and thugs; so, who am I to judge?


  • When you find yourself in compromising situations that you’re not 100% down with…
  • When you find your energy getting drained, your gas getting drained (like in your car lol), and your pockets getting drained… (because of “friends” that take, take, take; and never help you grow)…
  • Or when you’re slightly ratchet “friend” brings even MORE hood rat “friends” around you and only stir up drama…

…you need to CUT THE DEAD WEIGHT, my guy. They’re slowing progress.

7. You Don’t Educate Yourself

See the source image

Equip yourself with the proper tools to succeed in your field (should be another given, but hey 🤷🏽‍♀️ life man lol).

This is something I’m applying to one of my favorite things to do: creating music. I took one Music Production and Music Theory class, and thought I was Dr. Dre! Little did I know, I had a LONGGGG way to go.

What I’ve learned is that you never really stop learning, so long as change is ever-present. The more you learn, the greater you can become.

Here are a few of my old tracks, if you’re curious. I can’t wait to show how much I’ve improved! #StayTuned

8. You Stress More Than You Have Fun

See the source image

I am the epitome of this! Take this site, for example: I stressed about post format, presentation, fluidity, etc. I went into more detail in my last post about how I almost gave up before I even published my first, public post. The stress got so abundant, that it wasn’t fun anymore.

Once I chilled out about it and just wrote from my soul, I remembered why I wanted to blog in the first place – the creative outlet is so therapeutic.

Don’t get lost in perfection, just enjoy the process.


9. Lack of Focus

When your phone goes off, do you absolutely need to check it at this very moment?
I think enough is said lol


So Basically…

If you’ve been a victim to even one of these deadly sins, then challenge yourself to move differently.

What’s stopping you..

Is you..


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